Handmade in Germany

AL-Custom Drums manufactures customized snare drums utilizing high-class components.
The snare drum is the heart of every single drum set. AL-Custom Drums therefore dedicates its full attention to that centerpiece and devotes itself to the valuable work of creating a fine musical instrument.

As a special feature, along with the familiar and established multiply shells, AL-Custom Drums constructs the wooden one-piece „steam-bent” solid Shell Snare drum.

Andreas Lill has been a professional drummer for over 20 years. During his live and studio works in cooperation with many international well experienced sound technicians, Andreas Lill


seized the opportunity to collect valuable knowledge concerning a good and independent drum sound.

AL-Custom Drums is the product of this tremendous wealth of experience combined with Andreas Lill's own dedication to his musical work.

Andreas Lill by:

Handmade in Germany


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